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As someone who is always reading and studying about growth, expansion and wellness, I must continuously remind myself that information is not transformation. Intellectual understanding of what it takes to grow, expand and emotionally mature does not mean that we have grown, expanded or matured. Part of the growth is having the life experiences that provide us the opportunity to digest and use the information that we have just consumed. Information is stored and accessed in the mind. Transformation, however, involves every dimension of ourselves – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – changing how we live as a result. Change and transformation is uncomfortable, yes, but all too often we wait until we are pushed to a place where the discomfort of staying the way we are, overtakes the fear and discomfort of the unknown, to change. Dr. Joe Dispenza said, "Most people wait for crisis, trauma, disease or diagnosis. They wait for loss or some tragedy to make up their mind to change, and my message is, why wait? You can learn change in a state of pain and suffering or you can learn change in a state of joy and inspiration." I love this advise, why wait!!!

The shedding of and leaving behind an old form or way of being and embodying an entirely new reality, for many people, has an ominous and overwhelming air about it. Within the course of our lives, we naturally go through many of these changes and transitions but embarking on the journey of spiritual transformation is more of an intentional endeavor. By definition, a spiritual Transformation involves a fundamental change in a person's sacred or spiritual life. Sometimes this transformation is more internal and the way we see and interact with the world around us can be completely transformed and yet on the outside, things may appear the same.

What if we played around with looking at things a little differently? What if, instead of setting out on this daunting, epic journey, we begin to use each day, each conversation, each action, as an opportunity to practice a new way of showing up that is in alignment with our highest, most authentic self? What if we showed ourselves compassion for all our struggles and suffering that we have been through and held space for how we are showing up in each and every day? What if we just allowed that to be enough? We could then set the intention to make room and listen for our inner voice and allow space for it to surface and guide us through the day.

For me, step one might be, getting to know and listen to our inner compass as well as set our Personal Intention Statement. This serves as almost a spiritual road map for every choice and action you are presented with.

In my experience, meditation is a great place to start. I'm not talking about meditating like a monk, sitting for hours on end without a thought or sound. I'm simply talking about taking a few minutes out of each and every day to dedicate to quieting your mind and sitting with yourself. Start to notice the difference between the monkey mind that is always trying to distract you and have you busy yourself and the inner voice that feels calm, still and true. In order for our inner voice to speak to us, we have to make space and listen. As in any relationship, step one for healthy communication. Practice developing or evolving an intimate relationship with yourself.

In my workshops and coaching, I elaborate on and walk you through setting your Personal Intention Statement by tapping into a deeper knowing of your values and what fuels your sense of purpose and fire! Living from a place of intention offers us the opportunity to find meaning in all of the simple interactions and experiences throughout the day. It can support a more mindful lifestyle.

After writing your Personal Intention Statement, one way to get started on the road of transformation is to follow these 3 steps




So what do we do with the information once we have it? That is the important part. A great way to begin the journey of implementing and embodying the knowledge is to ask yourself a question like “How would this information help me?” or “How can I apply it to my life?” Then you might also ask "What decision would I have made without this information?” One of the most efficient questions to work you closer towards your goal is "What is one small action step I can take today to move me in that direction?"

“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be.” ~Lau Tzu

Stepping out of our comfort zone and willingly embarking on a voyage of transformation can be intimidating but I promise you that whenever you follow your heart and passions, you are on the road of fulfillment and Joy. There is no promise it will be easy, it almost never is, but it is always rewarding!

I invite you to pause for a moment.....close your eyes......take three slow, deep breaths and ask yourself....

If fear wasn't a part of my decision making, what is one change I would make in my life today that would honor my values and connect me with my authentic self so that I might live a life of love, joy, freedom and fulfillment?

May we be free of suffering, may we know the joy of our own true nature, may we be happy, may we be at peace and may we all support each other on our journeys.

All the love,


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