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Hello Love...

Wellness began as a hobby over two decades ago when I attended my first yoga class.  I immediately became fascinated with the culture and started on my path to unconditional self-love.  This was and continues to be a playful journey of fear & love, sadness & joy, transformation, balance, and peace, while finding freedom, fulfillment, purpose, and passion.

Pamela Dunn
Founder &
Integrative Health Coach

Most recently I studied at IIN, where I received my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification.  I am Reiki 1 & 2 certified & have my Thai Yoga Massage certification. In 2022 I completed Dr. Joe Dispenza's Progressive & Intensive Online Courses, as well as Chris Duncan's Magnetic Mind, 5-Day - Superconscious transformation.  Over the years, I attended a number of Retreat & Renewals at Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health, as well as participated in their immersive programs including, The Kripalu Silent Retreat in 2022 & Liberate Your Authentic Self in 2011. I attended a week long herbal retreat in 2009 where I participated in an intro to Ayurveda intensive workshop and much more.  I continue to remain passionate about my education, trainings & certifications.  I strongly believe that I am my first client.

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My ability to see the light and love within someone, sometimes even before they see it in themselves, is what made this career such an inspired decision.

I love showing people how beautiful and magical they really are, just by holding space for their inner authentic self to shine.

When you sit with me, you will feel heard and understood.  My goal is for us to take a deep breath together and help you feel a moment of bliss as we begin to unpack all of the beautiful facets that make up who you are.

As the owner of two thriving businesses and a single mom with two young kids at home, balance is the north star I am often striving for. With so many moving parts in my life, meditating morning and night, doing yoga, pilates and barre are essential practices that keep me connected and present so I am able to live in the moment. Travel is another huge passion of mine!  It allows me to grow and expand while I shake off the stories of who I "think" I am in my daily routine and allows me to dream about who I am about to become!  As a salon owner and hairstylist for almost two decades, I am absolutely passionate about helping people see just how magical and beautiful they are inside and out!

It would be truly an honor and privilege for me to work with you as your health coach. If you are interested in working together learn more by clicking the link below! 

All the love,


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