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The Power And Freedom Of Consistency

Maintaining routines and consistencies allows our mind and body to settle into the familiarity and the comfort of the known which then allows space for our creative mind to open up. Habits are a way for our brain to conserve energy. This is when our imagination has the space to play and begin to envision something new. Consistency builds momentum; momentum builds confidence which builds more momentum. If you are looking to changing your life, pay close attention to the habits you hold, they are directly connected to the life you build.

Last month, I spoke about the importance of choosing different when we are looking for transformation and change. While there are times in our lives where we need to shake things up and break out of our form in the name of growth, there are many more times of our lives where consistency and predictability are called for to help us achieve these goals. Having a consistent & predictable day to day schedule allows our nervous system to relax which allows us to move through our day with easy and flow. In addition, when we feel stress, our brain switches to auto pilot and seeks comfort and predictability and reverts to what is known. In this regard, our habits are more powerful than inspiration and motivation during stages of change. When we are not feeling motivated or inspired, it is the autopilot habits we set into place that are the key to take us through and keep us on track during these inevitable times. When we set ourselves up with a schedule of positive, nourishing and supportive habits, they can help keep us from slipping into fear-based emotions like anxiety or depression. With a schedule or routine filled with healthy, positive, passionate and growth filled activities, our day-to-day subconscious actions will allow us to see long lasting change in our lives even during the challenging moments.

What we do on a daily basis mould our lives more than some of us are aware of. How we use our time should be budgeted, just as we budget our finances. Setting long and short-term goals might be step one to creating the life you want, but the consistency of your actions are what it takes to get you to the finish line.

Creating a routine, schedule or goal and holding ourselves accountable for staying consistent with how we spend our time also builds trust within us.

"Develop your confidence by keeping promises to yourself."

~ Ed Mylett

Starting our day off with a supportive morning routine that allows us to enter the day grounded & balanced from a space of gratitude & intention.

In addition, ending our days with a nourishing night routine allows our bodies the time it needs to wind down and transition into a place of rest, relaxation and restoration. Taking the time each day to connect to our intentions, values and dreams, will influence how we move throughout the day and ensure that we are connected to the version of ourselves that we are most proud of.

What we think about becomes our attitude which forms our beliefs. What we believe forms our character and influences the choices we make. The choices and actions we take become our habits, and our habits are who we are becoming. Taking the time each day to listen to and check in with our thoughts; conscious and subconscious, are what will set our aspirations into motion.

I like to believe that happiness is when what we think, say, feel and do are all in alignment.

We go through stages of growth and transformation, when it seems like things are moving so quickly. And then we go through stages of plateau once the dust settles, and we can enjoy the reality of what we have just created for ourselves as we begin to settle into a new level of existence. When was the last time you thought about how you budget and spend your time? I encourage you to make checking in with your habits and routines on at least a quarterly basis or even better, a monthly basis. See what is no longer serving you and can let go of in order to make room for something supportive and nourishing. I heard something recently that said if you are feeling drained and depleted, often it isn't because you are doing too much, but that you are not doing enough of the things that restore and rejuvenate you. I keep a very busy schedule but ensure that it is balanced with all of the activities I know, keep me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually fed. When I start to let my selfcare habits slip, that is when I notice other aspects of my life slip out of balance.

I challenge you to ask yourself; do the actions I'm taking and routines I hold daily, represent the version of myself that I wish to become?

All the love,


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