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Tammy Kim Talks About Her Fascinating Business Body Plant Sky!!

As someone who has received multiple, amazing, spot-on astrology readings from Tammy Kim, Founder of Body Plant Sky, I am so excited and honored to be collaborating with her. I will share her expertise with you twice a month, when we do our New Moon Intentions and Full Moon Gratitude.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with her about her business.

I asked….

Tammy, tell me a little bit about your business Body Plant Sky and what type of services you offer?

She answered….

“I started BODY PLANT SKY as a platform for all my backgrounds and interests - Yoga/somatic movement, Herbalism, and Astrology -I am clearly a Gemini, can you tell? As a mother of two young children, I am still working on growing this relatively new business and how to best provide my offerings to people but for the most part I give astrology readings and herbal consultations and teach classes on a variety of topics within the scope of body connection, herbalism, and astrology. My ultimate purpose is to help people find a deeper connection to their intuition, to their healing process, and to truly trust themselves.”

I said....

I love this so much and think there are so many people who can benefit from your story and offerings.

Do you have any advice for people just beginning to scratch the surface of this area of self-discovery and care?

She answered….

“Yoga, herbalism, and astrology have been around for so long and now that they've become mainstream again there are so many places to find information. I would say if you really wanted to dig deeper, take a moment to take what you are studying away from your brain and give yourself moments to feel what that means in your heart and in your body.”

I asked....

So where and how can we get in touch with you to try some of your amazing offerings?

She answered....

“You can find more information about me and my offerings on my website,, and stay tuned to upcoming classes in person and online! You can also follow me on IG or FB!”

I highly encourage you all to check her out. She is a beautiful soul inside and out!

Today I am excited to share Tammy’s insight with us, on the astrological energies of this month and the New Moon!

“We enter this month with both Mercury and Pluto in retrograde! Mercury will be in retrograde in the sign of Taurus until May 14th while Pluto will just be beginning his retrograde until October. Use the first half of the month to allow yourself to not be stuck in your ways or to not dig your heels too deeply into your beliefs, as those things we hold on too tightly to may slip away anyway. The energies for true healing and transformation are available to us in the middle of the month, so be clear with your triggers and be extra gentle with yourself. The end of the month will prove to be very lively as we enter into Gemini season, and Mars moves into Leo. We find that our internal fires are lit even more, and we are wanting to be out and in the mix.”

Friday, May 19th, 11:53 am EST

New Strawberry Moon in Taurus, Sun and Moon trine Pluto, in sextile with Mars and Neptune

The heavy-hitting planets of Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars are all a part of the conversation in this New Moon. Pluto, the planet of transformation, desire, death, and rebirth is in opposition to Mars and squaring Jupiter. This gives a very potent time for self-realization and a tremendous drive for self-transformation. Being aware of these strong (and sometimes overbearing energies) will give you a leg up to not waste your focus on being fixated or controlling with your ego, but rather use this opportunity for healing yourself and your community. Stay open to whatever messages or insights your inner guide and higher wisdom want to show during this time.”

I always have so much fun tapping into the universal, planetary energies at play! I hope you do to! Until next time….

All the love,


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