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With my birthday just days away (secretly already celebrating in my head!), I love to take this opportunity to connect with who I was one year ago, on that very day. Doing this every year makes it very easy to tap into this process of reflection and resolution. I take the time to sit on my meditation mat with my journal, look myself in the eyes in the mirror and ask some high-mileage questions. This gives me the opportunity to expand my thinking, encourage exploration, and lead to greater levels of self-discovery. Having this honest conversation with myself allows me to be humble about where I see my potential for growth, build momentum and confidence for progress! Who have I shown up as for this last year? Where have I grown? Have I grown in the ways I expected? What has gone well this last year? What areas of my life could use some growth to feel like I am more authentically interacting with my life?

This year, I have decided to take this process a step further and begin a brand new "Birthday Journal" that I will only write in once or twice a year to set my goals, acknowledge my dreams and desires, as well as reflect on regularly to see how far I have come and celebrate progress and manifestations, no matter how big or small.

All too often, it is easy to feel stagnant and like things aren't really moving or changing but just like watching your own children grow, because we are in it daily, it's hard to see the shifts, however, it's the same as when we see a friend's child that we haven't seen in a year, we say "Oh my goodness! Look how big you have gotten!" Witnessing ourselves and our growth is kind of the same. Growth, evolution, and expansion are happening on a daily basis so we often don't take stock in the subtle shifts, but when we have a reflection routine, we can more easily measure the progress in a year's time.

“Self-reflection entails asking yourself questions about your values, assessing your strengths and failures, thinking about your perceptions and interactions with others, and imagining where you want to take your life in the future.”

~ Robert L. Rosen

Do you care to join me in my birthday celebration? Let's be grateful for all that we have been through to get us where we are, all that we have become, here and now, in this breath, in this moment and for all that we are actively becoming.

Saturday, 3/30, I will sit down, quiet my body, thoughts and emotions for a moment to dig deep and ask myself these questions ~

  • On a scale of 1-10, how fulfilled am I in the 12 areas of the IIN Circle of Life?

    1. Joy

    2. Spirituality

    3. Creativity

    4. Finances

    5. Career

    6. Education

    7. Health

    8. Physical Activity

    9. Home Cooking

    10. Home Environment

    11. Relationships

    12. Social Life

  • How does this compare to where I was last year? What has changed?

  • What am I most proud of:

    • Mentally

    • Physically

    • Emotionally

    • Spiritually

  • Where are my growth opportunities?

    • Mentally

    • Physically

    • Emotionally

    • Spiritually

  • What do I need to let go of that is no longer serving me?

    • Mentally

    • Physically

    • Emotionally

    • Spiritually

  • What am I no longer willing to tolerate that I used to settle for?

  • What is the most pressing thing happening right now?

  • What's working well in life right now?

  • Where do I feel stuck?

  • What am I most grateful for in this moment?

  • What feels out of balance?

  • What is missing?

  • If I knew I had nothing to lose, how would I act and what would I choose?

  • What are my core values?

  • What is most important to me and how does this align with my values?

  • What things/people/places make me feel the way I want or expect to feel?

  • What is holding me back?

  • What am I afraid of?

  • What do I need to release that is no longer serving me?

  • When I close my eyes, where do I see and feel myself one year from today, in all 12 areas of the IIN Circle of Life?

  • What is one action step I can take in each area of growth, this coming month to get me closer?

I truly believe that when we place intention and attention to areas of our lives to create harmony, that energy propels our desires into physical reality. By setting clear intentions and directing our attention towards them, we build coherent focus that accelerates the manifestation process.

May you be blissful and free. May you know the joy of your own true nature.

All the love,


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