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Post Birthday Reflections

Updated: Apr 1

After having a whirlwind birthday weekend where my kids and I battled being sick for days as well as falling on Easter weekend, I haven't had enough time to truly reset my morning routine and intentions, which I will work on and start tomorrow morning. However, during a moment of reflection, a deep appreciation surfaced for possibly the biggest life lesson I have learned in this last year and I would love to share that with you.

We can not control the actions of others so how do we take control of the less than desirable relationships and situations when they feel as though they are infecting our lives?

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

When I began to change my state of mind, my state of being naturally followed, as did the rest of the outside world. When my predominant thoughts were that of gratitude, love, being of service, vulnerability and being as authentic as I could to myself in each and every moment, I began to function out of a state of flow where things effortlessly started falling into place. I found myself getting less stressed, less worried about the how and just knowing things would work out. Now again, I am human and far from perfect so this is not and all day every day, but I would say that it is a regular practice that I remind myself often, to live out of this state of intentional presence.

What has completely transformed my life this year, is that as I healed and brought deep attention to how I was treating and talking to myself and stopped focusing on how the perceived thoughts words and actions of others towards me, made me feel, an interesting phenomenon happened. I found a deep trust, love, and appreciation in all that I am and especially all that I am not.

I stopped allowing how others showed up around me to dictate how I felt and started standing strong in my inner truths of love and self-respect, and then spoke my truth from my divine feminine, those that did not align fell away. Simultaneously, that approach began to naturally deepen and richen my closest relationships to a level of intimacy that I could have never imagined as well as draw in new connections that reflect and elevate my values and beliefs.

What we focus on grows so the more attention we bring to the people and situations that are no longer serving us, we unfortunately, by that very action, keep them active in our lives.

Every day, I chose love, laughter, connection, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual depth, expansion and intimacy and have had an absolutely amazing year!

We can not, nor should we ever want to control the thoughts words or actions of others. People are who they are. Surrendering and allowing people to show you who they are and believing them, while staying true to who you are and allowing things to unfold, blossom, or crumble as they are meant to, has been a life changing shift to witness within myself. This doesn't come without its efforts like boundaries and taking inspired action to stay on the write path, but for me, the process starts with the inside and then radiates naturally out.

May we all continue to grow into our more authentic actualized selves each year as we shine like the bright starts that we are!

All the love,


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