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New Moon In Leo August 16th 5:39 am EST

Discover the pleasures and joys of life with the New Moon in Leo!!

Journaling has become such a grounding part of my morning and evening routine. Ever since I was gifted with this book, I always look forward working with it when journaling on the full in the new moon!

From the The Power Wish, by Keiko, Japan's leading astrologer, she believes that new moons are a great time to set an intention. When journaling in regard to a new moon, she recommends beginning with an anchoring statement such as "I intend to" or "I intend for."

She writes that the energy of a New Moon in Leo is a great time to help you:

  • Create the life you want

  • Live boldly and confidently

  • Transform an inferiority complex into an appreciation of your own uniqueness

  • Become a great self-promoter

  • Garner attention and acclaim

  • Live a luxurious life

  • Turn hobbies and things that you love into something you get paid for

  • Spice up a monotonous life

  • Lead a team or company

  • Succeed in the entertainment industry

Some of the questions she offers to help you find clues when you don't know what to write about are:

  • In what field would you like to shine?

  • How would you introduce yourself?

  • What is your greatest asset?

  • If you have low self-esteem, why?

  • What would you do if you could take a month off from work?

Tammy Kim of Body Plant Sky, adds insights particular to this month's New Moon:

"This new moon we all feel Leo in full effect! With the sun, moon, and Venus in conjunction squaring Uranus in taurus, be careful not to be too bullheaded, tensions might get high with no one willing to budge. The need for freedom in any form is heightened."

I love those questions. My imagination always soars when I start thinking out of the box! Ok, for starters:

I intend to feel the joy of self-expression, shine cheerfully, live boldly without hesitation, allow myself to be moved by the innocence and fun each day offers to me and smile often.

What do you intend?!

All the Love,


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