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New Moon in Gemini

This New moon invites us to connect with our purpose with emotional freedom! We often curb our deeper desires and feelings that we try to swallow. In relation to our gut, speaking out truth an connecting to our authentic self and living from that place can create balance and wellbeing in all facets of our health.

New Moon Sunday, June 18th 12:38am in Gemini

The Sun (our purpose) and our Moon (our emotional nature) are at the time same degree in mercurial Gemini. Use the energy of Gemini to communicate or express yourself in unedited and free form, perhaps through writing, dictation, or even just on the phone with your BFF. Both the Sun and Moon are squaring Neptune, so don’t be surprised if the day feels like it’s not grounded in reality, or be aware if you are feeling like you want to escape reality for a bit.

I intend to speak authentically and from the heart, no matter how hard it may feel!

All the love,


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