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Intuition (Trusting your gut)

Intuition is subtle. In the beginning it is like a gentle whisper that sneaks in and sometimes catches us off guard. We have all used the saying, "I trust my gut" or "my gut tells me this isn't for me". Learning to listen to and trust myself, my intuition, my gut has been one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn but certainly one of the most valuable. I always doubted my intuition and second guessed myself. Partially because I had allowed some of the people in my life to convince me otherwise and partially because I hadn't yet learned to know, love and trust myself truly and deeply. Over the last year, I have experienced SO many ups and downs and unique adventures that have given me the opportunity to look deeply inward. When we choose to view difficult experiences as opportunities for growth, we have the opportunity to see beauty and value in all things.

I love and remind myself regularly of the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ "Don't be too timid or squeamish about your actions. All of life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." I have taken this to heart this last year and really sat with myself in silence with each decision I have made to listen and feel what is taking place in my body. What sensations do I feel and where do I feel them. Sometimes when I feel stuck or unsure, to lighten the pressure, I check in with myself and then say, "let's just try this and see what happens!" It is, like an experiment, gathering data, seeing what works and what doesn't. What I have learned is that Love is always the answer. Fear is usually something we need to walk through in order to learn and grow out of old learned pattern behaviours. Learning to get to know and trust my internal compass has been possibly the most valuable skill I have learned to date. I have gotten to know what each emotion feels like in my body and where I feel the sensations. I allow my body to speak to me and have chosen to listen. I have learned actual strategies and techniques to begin to use this muscle which like any other, becomes weak if it is not exercised but is always there.

My inner knowing has always been whispering and I have finally quieted the noise to be free to make conscious choices that are in alignment with my highest, most authentic self instead of impulsive decisions based off of past experiences and emotions that no longer serve me. That is true freedom in my eyes.

All the love,


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