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Full Moon In Sagittarius

In this month’s Full Moon write up, Tammy talks about the rising of a feeling to be connected, sentimental and emotional. I invite you to play with checking in with yourself, listening to your intuition and noticing how your daily interactions make you feel. Are you living your favorite version of yourself?

Full Moon Saturday, June 3rd, 11:42 pm in Sagittarius.

This full moon is less intense than last month. With the Sun in fun-loving Gemini, we are all feeling social and outgoing. Anytime the Moon is in Sagittarius we may feel more connected to others and in our truest state of being. Use this time to connect with others, especially with that special someone. Venus is playing a strong role in this full moon as it trines with Neptune and is in opposition to Pluto. We may feel very sentimental, and dreamy, with sexual/emotional intensities heightened. Use this time to role-play and connect to your desires and fantasies in a safe and supported environment.

I have been playing with this fun book The Power Wish by Keiko, Japan's leading astrologer, for a few years now. I love playing with the power of intention and manifestation through deliberate meditation and vision. I love to Journal each Full and New Moon using the guidance from this book!

New moons are a great time to set intentions and Full moons are great for gratitude and letting go.

She writes that Sagittarius is a great time to pursue endless possibilities! With the Full Moon in Sagittarius we can set an intention to remove any unnecessary hindrance with the Full Moon. I received this book as a gift from my sweet friend Lisa at Ink Fish Books here in Warren, RI. If you haven't already, you should pop into her store! I hope you look into it and have as much fun with it as I do!

All the love,


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