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Full Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo August 30th, 9:36pm

Forgive Everything With Tremendous Love!!

"What a different full moon energy this moon is giving off than the first! Soon the seasons will shift into autumn, perhaps we are already feeling that shift. Saturn is conjuncting the Moon, giving our usual dreamy and emotional pisces energy, some roots to materialize our dreams or ground that energy deeper into ourselves somehow. Pluto and Neptune are still in sextile, both in retrograde doing their thing of making emotions more readily on top, use this time to allow things to come to the surface, and soften." ~ Tammy Kim of Body Plant Sky

From the The Power Wish, by Keiko, Japan's leading astrologer, she believes that full moons are a great time to release, let go and express gratitude. When journaling in regard to a full moon, she recommends beginning with anchoring statements such as "I am grateful that" or "I am grateful for" and end with "Thank you so much". It's great to also write about things you have not yet received as though they have already come to you in this same manner.

She writes that the energy of a Full Moon in Pisces is a great time to help you release:

  • Carelessness

  • Unhealthy lifestyles

  • Addiction

  • Cowardice

  • Paranoia

  • Dead-end relationships

Some of the questions she offers to help you find clues when you don't know what to write about are:

  • What is something that happened in the past that was traumatic for you?

  • What is something you keep avoiding because you don't want to face it?

  • What is something you become dependent on when under stress?

  • What would you like to manifest with the help from the invisible?

  • What is the best life you can picture in your mind?

With this month's second full moon being not only a blue moon but also a super moon, we are in for a powerful energetic experience and you may have already been noticing the shift over the last few days! I always feel so uncomfortable when I start looking at negative lifestyle changes I should bring into awareness but love taking the time at least once, in this case twice a month to hold myself accountable and take a good look at where I am in comparison to where I see myself going and ask myself. Are these life choices taking me closer to or further away from my future I am building? Usually, the discomfort means I'm on the right track!

Best of luck releasing what no longer serves you and moving forward a more light and free self!

All the love,


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