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Full Moon in Aquarius August 1st 2:23pm EST

I am so excited to share with you, this months Full and New Moon insight from Tammy of Body Plant Sky!!!

"This month we have two full moons!

The month of August starts out with a bang as the Aquarius Moon enters the first full moon of the month, with the Leo Sun, on August 1st at 2:23pm EST.

The fiery Leo season always ramps up our energy as it falls in the height of the summer. The Leo in us is always a reminder to be living our best lives, as the Aquarius moon is about remembering your part in relationship to everyone else. In an Aquarius full moon it is about examining our thoughts and feelings, can we use this time to check in and examine our emotional being in a more objective way? How can we improve our ways of being?

Jupiter and Mars trines in earth signs, making our endurance high to tolerate things, we have more strength in our capabilities.

Pluto sextiles with dreamy Neptune long term, both in retrograde, asking us to soften, take care, not be so serious, emotions may be readily available with this influence."

I always like to take time with the Full Moons to journal about the treasures I am grateful for that I have already received and also, those that I feel yet have not yet come to fruition yet. Remember, just because we can not see, feel, taste or touch our dreams, does not mean they are not already in the works! What is one thing you are grateful for today?

All the love,


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