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Discipline and Dedication

Setting goals and cultivating an intention statement paired with a clear path of action steps, is only the preparation for moving towards fulfillment. Discipline and dedication are the fuel that will get you through to the finish line. Taking that time to set a SMART Goal and then actually pushing through the discomfort of initiating and completing each tiny action step, one at a time, is where progress and momentum take place. Without discipline and dedication, it's so easy to become bored or feel stagnant in the execution of a singular task as our minds begin to wander, or feel overwhelmed, anxious and instinctively try to avoid them. For me, I can sometimes be deep into a task and randomly get a thought that takes my attention away from mission at hand or get discouraged by all the effort I'm putting in before seeing the results come to fruition. Discipline and dedication are what always support me and pushes me through.

The practice is learning to discipline ourselves and sit within the discomfort of our ego and old self trying to convince us to escape the growth and transition you are asking of it. One of the egos main priorities is to keep us safe and life predictable. When we quiet our monkey mind and bring ourselves back to focus and remind ourselves of our intention behind this action step, that is when the growth and the change take place. The action of saying no to the impulses and holding strong to the intention is what makes us that elevated version of ourselves.

The ironic part is that when we set out to achieve something in life, we believe that achieving the goal is the transformation when in fact the process we go through getting to the goal is where the real growth takes place. In those moments of discomfort, distraction and avoidance, if we pause, notice what is happening and tell ourselves no, return back to the present moment, stay here, and finish the job at hand, that is how we train our ego that we are in charge and we choose to raise the bar of our lives and will not let anything distract us from this new reality.

"We don't necessary always get in life what we dream about,

but we do get what we are willing to tolerate,"

~ Regan Hillyer

In life, we can only reach the level of fulfillment that our identity allows us to, which is why it is so important to continuously take the time to notice where we are with compassion and gratitude, dream about where we would like to go next and begin our journey of elevation!

Meditation and breathwork are some of the best tools we all have at our disposal in every moment of the day, that can use to begin training our monkey mind.

  • What if the next time you felt yourself being pulled away from the present moment, you paused, closed your eyes, and took a slow breath, counting in for 4, hold for 4 and exhale for 4 while noticing the subtle sensations and changes that you feel within your body. I invite you to do it for 3 rounds before opening your eyes.

  • What if the next time you knew you had a task that you are avoiding, you closed your eyes and connected to the why behind the task and how the highest version of you would handle the situation, connect with, and embody that as truth and move through with confidence and pride.

  • What if the next time we felt board or stagnant in a task, we asked ourselves, how can I notice the extraordinary in the ordinary and brought creativity and passion to all things we do.

Consistently reflecting on and redefining the baseline bar we set and the standards we hold ourselves to, is an important part of continuously elevating our identity. Feeling the desire for more, dreaming of the life where you already have it and then setting the intention to not settle for anything less.

In life, sometimes when we ask for a $1 and don't receive it from who or where we are asking, it can be easy to feel disappointed, but when we relax into the truth that everything our heart truly desires is already on its way to us. All we have to do is notice, receive and be grateful for the quarters as they come our way, with faith and patience, know that we will are always receiving what we need, in its divine timing. It just often doesn't look the way we expect or happen in the time we expected it.

All the love,


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