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Deidre Julian, DA Talks About Supplements And Knowing Your Source!!

Most of us are aware that whole foods are the best, most supportive way for us to give our bodies the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive, but it is increasingly difficult to get everything we need with our current food system. Supplements are a great way to fill in the holes and gaps however, not all supplements are created equally!

This week I talked with a dear friend of mine, Deidre Julian, DA. Owner and founder of Wellbeing Clinic and Nature’s apothecary located at 18 Water St. Warren, RI. There are so many subjects I could explore with Deidre and probably will in future blogs but today

I asked….

  1. What guidance or advice do you have for people trying to educate themselves?

  2. We know not all bodies are created equal and Bio-individuality plays a huge part in what we need added to our wellness plan and when, however, in your experience, is there a supplement that you believe we could all use more of and tend to be low on?

She answered….

“The most important qualities to look for in any supplement is organic whole foods. Most supplements are isolates and a byproduct of the petroleum industry. Vitamin C is not just ascorbic acid, Vitamin E is not just mixed tocopherols, Calcium Carbonate is a rock and is not bioavailable."

"There are dozens of other components to make these recognizable and useable to the human body. The best supplements and vitamins are produced from foods and plants and herbs, not in a lab. My advice is to either take a class from a reputable source or seek out a professional with experience in prescribing herbal remedies and supplements. I have been in practice for over 20 years and the majority of my continuing education has been studying supplements and herbal medicine. There is always new research and products and diseases and it is important to keep current. Even with all of my efforts, there is still much I do not know, and patients will ask about a supplement and its use or effectiveness for a certain condition. Sometimes it makes sense, many times it is a false promise or a marketing ploy to sell the newest fad vitamin. I am always skeptical of the products that promise miraculous results. Or those that are super expensive. I have seen bodies respond in miraculous ways to the perfect treatment and combination of supplements but it is a process."

"In my experience, there is no magic pill for everyone. The time of year, stress level, age of the body/mind, nutritional intake, ability to assimilate, level of health all play a role in what I recommend to my patients. The only vitamin that I prescribe regularly is Vitamin D in the winter. I believe it is essential for a healthy immune system and can be very helpful for anyone who struggles with seasonal affective disorder. Magnesium is something that I use a lot in my practice. Many people are deficient and it can work wonders for many ailments. Migraines, constipation, TMJ, muscle spasms and cramps. mood, stress and tension can all be a sign of magnesium deficiency. That being said, I have 7 or 8 different magnesium products in my clinic. Choosing the correct one for the person and the condition takes practice. It is my belief that in order to build the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself, supplementation with high quality, organic vitamins and herbs is essential. Finding a practitioner or teacher who will help you navigate through the endless array of available products is the best way to start.”

I absolutely love all this information and hope we were able to share some insight in the world of supplements. I encourage you to stop by Nature’s Apothecary and have a walk around, it is absolutely beautiful and filled with a large variety of products you can trust and will LOVE!

Her normal business hours are Wed-Sat 11am-4pm and Saturday 12-4pm.

Or visit her website

Until next week!

All the love,


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