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Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life,

Community Discussion Group


Every Other Tuesday

Starting 6/27/23 @ 6-8:30PM

This is an ongoing and open event!!


Come when you can,

no RSVP needed!


Warren Town Beach, Picnic Area

555 Water St.

Warren, RI 02885

(Weather Permitting)

What will this entail?

To me, community and connection are so very important and I am always looking for ways to grow and expand my perspective.

I have become humbled by Dr. Wayne Dyer's interpretation and implementation of Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching".  In his book, "CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS - CHANGE YOUR LIFE", where he recites each one of the 81 verses with insight and then practical modern day actions he calls, "Do the Tao, now". 

Do you care to join me with a group of other like minded individual, meet regularly, listen to and have discussions on this harmonious way of looking at life and the world around us?!

What You Should Bring


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Discussion Group


One Sunday A Month

 8/20/23 @ 4PM

This is an ongoing and open event!!


Come when you can,

no RSVP needed!


Del's Depot

65 Child St.

Warren, RI 02885

(Weather Permitting)

What will this entail?


Would you like to connect with your community in a meaningful way?

We do too!  Join us as we create a culture of connection in our community by celebrating our differences, witnessing our hardships, learning from one another and practicing healthy communication.

Each week we will select a topic to discuss openly and respectfully, beginning with "The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom" by Don Miguel Ruiz

This group is for you if you are:

  • looking to connect with like-minded individuals

  • craving connection & community

  • ready to explore diversity from a place of love, grace & understanding

This group in NOT for you if you are not:

  • willing to let go of judgement towards yourself & others

  • willing to stp out of your comfort zone for personal growth & expansion

  • open & ready to listen with compassion

What You Should Bring

  • An open mind and heart

  • A blanket, chair or both

  • A drink and maybe a snack

  • Journal or pad of paper & pen

  • A friend who may also be interested


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EVOKE LOGO Transparent Background.png


Friday - Sunday

November 17-19, 2023

This all inclusive weekend retreat is sold out but stay tuned for our next location!


The Breathtaking Hills of

Brattleboro, Vermont

What will this entail?

We are offering you an all inclusive weekend to fall in love with your life. 


To enjoy Autumn in New England -

the crisp cool fresh air with the fragrance of pine surrounding you everywhere,

all in the breathtaking hills of Vermont.

Invite a friend or bring a book and quiet your mind.  

Our wish is for you to open your Heart, enrich your soul and leave connected & rejuvenated. 


  Be our guest and join us as we 

Connect Nourish Expand.

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