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Jan 7, 2024 - Apr 7, 2024

Reset & Refresh Group Coaching Program


It's easy to fall out of our routines that keep us grounded. If you are feeling like the responsibilities of life are swallowing you whole, this 3-Month, Reset & Refresh Group Coaching Program is a great way to focus on a little self-care! This Program can support you in creating routines and systems that will create flow and structure to your days and weeks, taylored completely by you, for your bio-individual needs. In this Group Coaching Program you will: ~ Participate in biweekly Virtual Group Coaching Calls where you will get hands on guidance and tailored support. ~ learn my "Time Budgeting" strategy and be walked through step by step with videos, instructions and handouts. ~ dedicate time to yourself to connect with your internal compass and discover where you need self-care and support. ~ create personalized sleep, meditation, eating and movement routines to support your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance. ~ have the opportunity to connect with other individuals who are going through the same struggle. We can learn and grow through other's stories and experiences. Do you care to join me in a practice of slowing down and moving through our days with deliberate intention and mindfulness? ​ In this Program, we will start at square one and take a look at all aspects of your lifestyle to create the routines that will support you in living the balanced, fulfilling, happy, healthy life you know is out there for you!




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